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Beginner's Corner

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Modern Beginner's Kit
[[Image:Integraf_kit.jpg|right]]Diode lasers, like the ones found in common laser pointers, have completely changed what is needed for a suitable beginner's kit. You still need film and processing chemicals, but your first hologram can be made with no additional lenses or mirrors (because the diode laser beam naturally spreads), and there are some simple techniques developed over the years since the Sandbox kit was first introduced to eliminate the sandbox.
In the new era, sandbox holography has evolved into [http about/Shoebox_holography.html?id=BShRAAAAMAAJ Shoebox Holography], and there are now three, relatively economic ways for novice holographers to begin their hobby.
#Buy the ''Shoebox Holography'' book. With that as a guide (or the equivalent information scoured from the Internet) acquire a suitable laser, holographic film, and chemicals and have at it.

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