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{{#seo:|description=Master reference for all things holographic}}
'''<big>Welcome to the [http Holography Forum's] Holography Wiki - A Holography FAQ and Database for anyone who makes holograms.</big>'''
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| [[Image:HoloforumLogo.gif|left|link=http]] <br /> '''<big> /</big>'''<br />A place to discuss holography
{{note|'''Temporary Outage Scheduled:''' Beginning Monday, May 11, 2020, the Holography Forum and the Wiki may be unavailable from approximately 11:30am EDT (3:30pm UTC) for up to 1 hour Monday through Wednesday, and then from 8:00am to 1:00pm (noon to 5:00pm UTC) on Thursday, May 14, 2020. This is due to some electrical system maintenance. (While my hosting provider for the forum and wiki has been very generous over the years providing Internet connectivity at no cost, the generosity never included backup power.)
<big>{{note I apologize for the inconvenience this outage may cause.| The Holography Forum is moving. After a productive nearly halfgotcha}}--decade at, the old site will dim its lights by the end January. To avoid any loss of continuity or (more importantly) content, the forum will relocate sometime on January 5, 2015 to its new home at>
All the current forum's content will be carried over along with the forum archive (the "old forum") and the Lippmann Collection. Everything should look very familiar. The only speed-bump is that you will need to re-register at the new home, but that should be a simple process. January 5 is the date. It does require the coordination of three individuals' efforts to bring everything together, so an exact time is uncertain. Posts announcing the availability of the new forum will be made to Holoforum and to the Facebook group, "Holography Forum", as soon as everything is in place. ''Update:'' Ok, well, January 5 may have been a little too ambitious. The new forum site is readyto go, but there domain name system (DNS) still needs to be updated to make the new site accessible.| gotcha}}</big> '''http[ Forum]''' is the online discussion vehicle for an eclectic group of holography enthusiasts, experts, amateurs, and professionals. The forum itself is a wealth of information, and new topics for discussion are always welcome. Newcomers are warmly welcomed.
You may browse the various discussion threads as a guest, and it costs nothing to sign up as a full forum member.
== New Stuff and Recent Additions ==
* Presentation slides from the '''[[ISDH 2015 | Tenth International Symposium on Display Holography]]''', provided by Petr Lobaz.
* '''Holography Forum''' has moved back to its original home at
* Experiment with '''[[Experimenter's Corner#Albumen Emulsion Plates | albumen plates]]''' by Filipe Alves.
* '''[[Cold Water Processing]]''' article by Ed Wesly.

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