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HoloWiki - A Holography FAQ:Privacy policy

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General expectations
;Editing content
:Edits to Holowiki pages are identified with the username of the editor, and editing history is aggregated by author in a contribution list. Such information will be available permanently on the projects. Logged in users do not expose their IP address to the public except in cases of abuse, including vandalism of a Holowiki page by the user or by another user with the same IP address. A user's IP address is stored on the Holowiki server for a period of time, during which it can be seen by server administrators and by users who have been granted CheckUser access.
:IP address information, and its connection to any usernames that share it, may be released under certain circumstances (see below). 
:''On wiki discussion pages:'' Any editable page can theoretically be the location of a discussion. In general, discussions on Holowiki occur on user talk pages (associated with particular users) or on article talk pages (associated with particular articles). Privacy expectations apply to discussion pages in the same way as they do elsewhere.
:''Via email:''Users are not required to list an email address when registering. Users who provide a valid email address can enable other logged-in users to send email to them through Holowiki. When receiving an email from other users through this system, one's email address is not revealed to them. When choosing to send an email to other users, one's email is displayed as the sender.
The email address put into one's user preferences may be used by the Holowiki administration for communication. Users whose accounts do not have a valid email address will not be able to reset their password if it is lost. In such a situation, however, users may be able to contact the Holowiki administration to enter a new e-mail address. A user can remove the account's email address from his preferences at any time to prevent it from being used. Private correspondence between users may be saved at those users' discretion and is not subject to Holowiki policy.

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