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Hints and Kinks

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== Silver-halide ==
=== Defogger ===
adapted from the thread
PBU (Phillips - Bjelkhagen Ultimate) bleach makes a good film defogger
* 10 g Potassium persulfate
* 10 g Sodium bisulfate (or citric acid)
* 20 g Potassium bromite
* 1 g Cupric bromide
* 1 g Amidol (or Metol)
To use it as defogging solution, pH must be raised first, otherwise the sensitizing dyes will be deactivated. (This is true at least for the PFG-03C dyes.) Diluted it 1:10 parts water, then raise the pH to 5.6 by adding drops of 10% sodium hydroxide. Soak the plates for 1 minute in the solution, then rinse and allow to dry.
== DCG ==

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