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Experimenter's Corner

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Albumen Emulsion Plates
Holography kits with self-developing film plates have now entered the consumer market. The kits make holographs and have been found to be fairly error tolerant,and enable holograms to be made without any other specialized equipment.
== Albumen Emulsion Plates ==
Filipe Alves has a go at making albumen emulsion plates. See
Click on the '''play button''' to start the video:
[[File:Holograms made with albumen emulsion.mp4]]
== Home-made Holographic Stereograms ==
| [[File:FAO_TestGrating.JPG|400px|right]][[File:FAO_TestFigure.jpg|400px|right]]
Ferric ammonium oxalate (FAO) and possibly ferric ammonium citrate (FAC) have possibilities as a substitute for ammonium or potassium dichromate in gelatin. Experimentation is chronicled in two three Holoforum threads: and , , .
Test plates were fabricated using:
* 30 g gelatin, 250-[[Bloom value|bloom ]] pork
* 6 g ferric ammonium oxalate
* 300 ml water

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