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(high speed near-infrared photo from a digital camera (Nikon Coolpix 995) I modified just minutes before this photo was taken. I was staring in amazement at the LCD display while I snapped this picture. more on this)

I'm a scientist, engineer, and a wanna be entrepreneur.

I was a Linux kernel developer for a while (the project still runs strong with the help of others), I have a degree in both computer science and computer engineering (the first is mostly software, the other hardware).

I'm a weak lab sort. I'm impatient. For example, I hate movies, they take too long. So I spend a vast majority of my waking hours doing work on a computer (I prefer Linux for work, I support Macs at work, and have a few Windows machines for games and evil proprietary needs). I'm the IT, IS, DBA, telephone, sometimes backend web programmer, and general tech support guy at a small advertising/graphic design agency.

As far as holography goes, I got amazed with holograms and lasers in middle and high school. At the time, though, it was expensive, very vague, and sometimes dangerous. Alas, I was completely unsuccessful at creating a hologram, and most likely I found out much later due to some useless Kodak film that was pushed on to me. My doubts lifted when I made a hologram in an unused bathroom at high school during electronics class (the closest thing to a hands-on science class at the time) using Agfa film (which at the time seemed to be getting very hard to get).

Later, it was only after finding out about the Holography Forum that I got back into making, buying, and helping those making holograms (where I can) that I got back into the hobby.

I'm proud to help Colin, Michael, John, and the many others who work hard to make holography less a monopoly, less scary, less mystical, and simply fun and creative.

(PS- I have a problem with using too many parenthesis (as if you didn't notice!), but deal with it! This is my space! ;')

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