John Pecora

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Sorry, I had more of a holography history for me then a biography.

I have an AA degree from a local Community College with an emphasis in Computer Science. I furthered my education at University of Maryland with Physics, Math and Computer Classes. I am a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and presently design Wide Area Networks.

I have worked at North East Holographics and responsibilities included: Design, configure and produce H1 multi-channel rainbow master holograms for replay with a HeCd laser using a large frame Argon Ion laser. Design, configure and produce H2 rainbow copy holograms in Photoresist utilizing a fringe locker to help with stability during the long exposure times and using a HeCd laser. Fabricate Photoresist emulsions on glass plates. Implemented quality control of Photoresist plates. Silverized the Photoresist plates with an atomizing spray system. Built, maintained and controlled variables for producing different types of Nickel Shims made from the Silverized Photoresist plates. Built, maintained and operated a complete wide format Embossing Printer used to hot stamp nickel shim hologram in foil backed plastics.

I have also been involved with amateur holography since 1982 working with Silver Halide.

Currently and for the past 3 years I have been concentrating my efforts in working with Fabrication and production of Dichromated Gelatin holograms implementing a variety of techniques formulas and geometries. I have moved from the basement to a dedicated lab.