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8501 S 400 W
Paradise, UT 84328

From Salt Lake City to Logan

Map big.gif

  • First thing is to find I15 (shouldn't be hard).
  • Follow it to exit 362 (Brigham City)

From I15 Exit 362 to Paradise

Map canyon.gif

  • From I15 Exit 362, head into Wellsville Canyon.
  • Not long after exiting the canyon there will be an exit marked "Mt. Sterling."
  • The exit is easy to miss. If this should happen, try for the Hyrum exit.
  • Following either exit (or even going into Logan) will lead to Highway 165.
  • Follow HW 165 South until there are only trees on the right and hills on the left.

Getting to Ralcon Dev. Lab from Paradise area

Map paradise.gif

  • From HW 165, either:
      • Get off on 7800 S (hidden in the trees)
      • From westbound on 7800 S turn left.
  • - OR
      • Follow the road to 8700 S (Car Service)
      • From westbound on 8700 S turn right.

Last modified on 1/03/2005