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Holography Glossary


  • Eberhard effect - border effect occurring in a developed image. It appears as a dense line along an edge of high density and as a light line along an edge of low density. It occurs most often in plates developed flat in solution that is not sufficiently agitated. The effect was described by Gistav Eberhard in 1926.
  • Electrophotography - creation of images by alteration to the electrical properties of the sensitive material as a result of the action of light.
  • Elon - another term for Methylaminophenol sulfate. It is more commonly known as metol.
  • Emulsion - light sensitive material which consists of a suspension of silver halides in gelatin.
  • Endoscope - optical device allowing the viewing and photography of small inaccessible subjects.
  • Evenescent Wave - "Tending to Vanish" - A wave whose intensity decays as an exponetial of distance. (As opposed to sinsusoidally.)
  • Exposure latitude - amount by which it is possible to over or underexpose a light sensitive material and, with standard processing, still produce acceptable results.