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Dave's Web Site

IT all started for me in the Museum of Holography, in the late 70s. after making one visit i was hooked for life! Seeing what could be done was unbeleivable..... I then joined as a member and started to read any information i could absorb.

Attending college in Boston I found all kinds of new info at the college libaries. Upon graduation from college I headded west, finding work near Los Angles in a large machine shop, I found this very convenient for making tooling for my holographic components.

After leaving LA and returning to New York, I continued my holographic studies, and met a fellow holographer, Mark Segal (owner of now defunct Spatial Images International)at this lab we produced a large ammout of DCG holography. A short time later a head hunter contacted me about a job working for company called Farirchild Weston Space and Camera, the job was for an optical engineer, I couldn't wait for the interview! They hired me in a flash!

The optics lab was about 2500 sq.ft of total OPTICS! Lenses, mirrors, lasers a gigantic isolation table (20 tons+), I spent the next five years building telephoto lenses ths size of 55 gallon drums and tiny ccd cameras that would fit in matchbox! This is where I really learned about the nature of light and optics.