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I'm inspired by the work being done here. Thank you Colin for putting up such a great wiki system!

That said, the main page is a little weak right now. Especially after Technology gets broken out, this page should be a little less than line-items down a page. Perhaps groupings and more utilization of the unused real estate of the page. See my toyings on the sandbox page for some style examples which control layout (experiements to see how much I could control on a page).


Phil, All of the changes you have made on other pages have made things look better and made it more clear and easier to read. I trust your judgment. Please feel free to edit, move, split or rename pages at will, remember if we get somewhere we don't like we can revert.


OK, thanks. I wasn't sure where the line was drawn for major changes/moves. I'll start digging a little deeper.


I will try to keep the Recent changes to a minimum but I was playing with changes to an existing format and wanted to embed images and do it on a linked page.


What does the bold m and N stand for on the Recent changes page?


m is a minor edit, meaning you checked the box. N is a new page or file addition. Don't worry about the amount of recent changes. :-)

OK, I put up a new main page. I'm not stuck on it, so rip it apart or whatever, it won't hurt my ego. ;')

Keep in mind, that the styles define where (physically on the page) the links and text are. So, moving them into a different order does nothing. You have to tweak pixel offsets if you want

BTW- The image was created using my red diode, DPSS green, and DPSS blue lasers... ha! yeah right. It's really from three seperate photos, all done with the same ancient HeNe laser. Each was turned into grayscale and colorized R,G, & B (I tried to eyeball reasonable laser colors). When layered together, the lightbulb became a very convincing white all by its self. I basicly blurred the crap out of the background, foreground, and bulb, removed 'stuck' pixels from my crappy dig camera, and added a slight embelishment from the reflected rays off the lightbulb. But, those highlights on the counter are untouched.


Ah, another important note is:

I tried to order the topic for newbies (obviously) to the upper left, and then informational links down the left.

Users in unfamiliar web pages tend to start upper left and work down.

Hard core technical info goes down the right side (i.e. stuff for people who MAKE holograms).

People looking for info browse the left, producers of holograms the right. It helps keep the people hitting the page for the first time in an area that they are likely to be most interested in. And, users who are familiar shouldn't have any problem looking to the right for the links they want.


I like the new page. I made it a little smaller to fit in one screen view for most monitors. I don't know haw to change the link colors on one page only. I know how to set them for the whole wiki. I am afraid the the blue visited link is too dark.

Phil that is great and amazing. I like it.


I don't like the darkened image, but I total agree that the links aren't bright enough. Hummm. Overriding that style w/i the wiki is a bit of a problem.

I'll ponder and play some more. Another random thought is that the 'main' page could be a static page outside of the wiki, but that might be a bit premature since things are still in major flux. At some point the main page might benefit from the added customization and control of being static.

TTYL, and have a good weekend, guys!


I did not delete some of the older revisions of the file, I just renamed them. Play with the brighter ones. If you find one that the writing is not overwhelmed by the light bulb I am cool with having a brighter image. I like how the lasers bounce throough the lightbuld and illuminate spots on the table.

I am trying to change the links to a bright green for this page only. I don't quite understand this article:


Can we do it with this?


I don't quite understand that page either.

Can you include a css style sheet just for the main page? If so, then I think we can just create a style for bodyContent.a {color:green} (Or something like that)


OK, take a look at my personal page for a possible work around:


I like that solution. Good Idea! I would prefer the words to be 532nm green. Then we could brighten up the image again. The old image was tough to view on LCD monitors as it was a little overwhelming.


I assume you've got photoshop, right? I'll attach the PSD here. I started with a light green color, but Lippman got hard to read with the lighter image.

BTW- Lippman Photography seems to be a rather odd topic to throw on the main page. It seems like it should belong to another broader category like under Technology?

(edit: oops, I can't upload the file here. I emailed it to you Colin.)


Tweaked home page after chatting w/ Colin. Centered the light bulb (I wish it were straighter). I swapped Recording Tech and Technology, too, so they were more readable. Please email me if you want the photoshop file (phil (at)


I moved the "obtaining Login" information to the footer. I also moved the What is a wiki to the about article. I then changed the page naming so it adds "A Holography Database". I think this will help us target the search engines better.

I reduced some wordiness on the bylines to one-liners. I think it looks and reads a bit better, but feel free to edit/revert.


I like the look and feel of the one liners. I would like so text for the google bots to find. Now that the text is in the image there is very little for gogle to search. Do you have any ideas?


Here are the original descriptions I chose them to be searchable. Perhaps we can imbed the text invisably into the main page?

Welcome to the Holography Forum's Holography Wiki. The goal of this wiki is to create a knowledge base for the holographic arts. It is divided into sections as follows:

Ok, that still needs lots of work, but I have to run to work.

Yeah, they could just be under the image. Google will see them and others won't.

(edit: lol, I was thinking under the image literally as a style layer underneith, but a text summary at the bottom of the page works great, too. Probably better since we can see and edit it.)


I revised the footer nav.

Colin, if you have the psd file that made the current image handy, center up the light bulb (say 10 pixels to the left, from eyeballing it). That will help make Lippmann a little easier to read and center up the image.

This is really great stuff on the wiki. I'm glad to be a part of it, I just wish I had more time/money to help. ;')


I made a new logo for the holography forum link in the footer. It is much sharper. I tried to move the bulb around but I am not skilled enough. I was creating problems on the right edge and then I was loosing some of the laser light bouncing down from the bulb under some of the words. :-(


Feel free to clean up the Hologram Recording Materials section on the main page. I tried to add (& Chemistry) which is in the code but could not get it to show up on the Main Page. So I modified the description underneath. I believe we need this as it is hard to find where chemistry is discussed on the main page.


Never mind. I found that what I tried to alter in the titles ended up breaking the links, so I just added to the discription of each on the main page to include chemistry.


Do you think we should have a "Suppliers" section? I was thinking of purchasing some of those magnetic mount bases and could not find the thread on the forum. I know as time goes on it may become outdated but it would be a good reference for things like Pinholes, bases, chemicals etc..

John Pecora

I wonder if we want a manuals section. I have found that to be the hardest thing to locate when a used piece of equipment is purchased. Augie sent me a copy of his for my Ion laser. And I was reading a laser forum and someone else was looking for that same manual, whick I will copy for him. Are their any legalities associated with posting manuals here?

John Pecora

If we have a disclaimer that we contacted (a person's name) and recieved permission to publish it here. This is not the easiest thing to aquire. Without it I would advise you to make a section on your own site and post a link in the links section. Oh, yeah the supplier for magnetic baes is Enco.-

What happened to all the developing and processing formulas? Do they survive?


Never Mind, I found it hee:

Return to "Main Page" page.