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1801 Thomas Young performs Double-slit experiment.

1881 Albert Michelson invents the interferometer.

1891 Lippmann photography developed. Natural color photography through the interference of light.

1900 Dennis Gabor born in Budapest.

1948-9 Dennis Gabor publishes the seminal papers on wavefront reconstruction and holography is born - but the laser is not yet available.

1960 Theodore Maiman makes the first visible-light ruby laser.

1962 Lieth & Upatnieks develop off-axis transmission holography based on side-scanning radar.

1962 Denisyuk produces the first white-light viewable hologram.

1965 First paper on holographic interferometry published by Powell & Stetson.

1967 DCG process developed for holography.

1967 Larry Siebert of the Conductron Corporation makes the first hologram of a person.

1967 World Book Encyclopedia published which includes the first mass-produced transmission hologram.

1968 White light (rainbow) transmission holography developed by Stephen Benton.

1970 Sandbox system developed by Pethick and Cross.

1971 San Francisco School of Holography opens.

1971 Dennis Gabor awarded the Nobel prize for holography.

1972 “Kiss” Integral hologram developed by Lloyd Cross.

1974 Hologram embossing developed.

1976 Museum of Holography opens in New York.

1979 Dennis Gabor died - London.

1983 First hologram appears on a credit card from MasterCard.

1984 National Geographic puts rainbow hologram of an eagle on their cover.

1985 National Geographic puts larger rainbow hologram of a skull of early man on their cover.

1988 National Geographic features a full-cover rainbow hologram of the world.

1988 Photopolymer film developed by Polaroid. Allows very bright reflection holograms to be mass produced.

1992 Museum of Holography in New York closes.

1993 MIT acquires complete collection of the Museum of Holography.

1999 Geola patents printers for color digital hologram printing with pulsed lasers.

2000 First digital color hologram produced by Geola with a pulsed RGB laser.

2003 Stephen Benton dies.

2005 Emmett Leith died.

2005 The first color portrait hologram shot at Geola with HoloCam equipment and printed with a digital RGB printer.

2006 Yuri Denysiuk died.

2008 Geola's digital holograms named i-Lumograms - Integrated Light Writings.


(taken from A Consise History of Holography by Michael Harrison, any errors are mine. Once I figure out how to add pictures I'll add the thumbnails that go along with the document - msh)