Angle Iron Film Holder

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By: John Pecora

Well, there has been some talk about tables and plate holders so I thought I might post my plate holder design. It is original and I like it better then any plate holder I have ever used or seen. It allows from a 4" to a 20" format. It is quick and easy to load, even in the dark. It is very stable. I tried to put notes in the drawing to describe how it works but feel free to question anything. Also feel free to use the design if you want.

It is all steel construction. The vertical poles are solid 1 1/2" rods. The angle iron on the top has holes cut out for the poles, but the holes are slightly larger. There is no need to have the holes and rods within close tolerances. The top angle iron simply rests on the plate via the 2 sets of 2 screws as described. Then the thumbscrew is turned to place a slight bit of pressure from the angle iron to the pole to take the "ting" out but no stressing is involved as the large holes in the angle iron allow the angle iron to float freely, tilting to and away from the pole with the turn of the screw.

The design of the top shades the very top part of the plate so nothing else is needed to keep the light from entering the edge of the plate. Another nice feature is there is room to squeeze light very close to the plate on the inside or outside of the pole depending on actual film plate size.